Specialist Health Services

Wanaka Lakes Health Centre provides a comprehensive range of health related services and visiting specialists. Please take a look at our directory or contact us for further information.

Audiologists – Bay Audiology and Southern Audiology
Dermatologist – Dr Anne L Davis
Ear, Nose and Throat - Mr Martyn Fields
Ear Health – Ear Health
Gastroenterologist – Dr Michael Schultz
Heart Watch Care – Heart Watch Services
Mole Medic – Dr Brian Wills
Digestive and Colorectal Care – Mr Richard Perry
Orthopaedic Specialists – Mr John Dunbar, Mr Andrew Swan, Mr Chris Birks and Paul Eaton.
General/Paediatric Urology - Mr Kampta Samalia
Psychologist – Dr Joanna Patching
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Mr Patrick Lyall
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist – Dr Barbara Richards
Urogynaecologist – Prof Don Wilson
General Surgery – Mr Stephen G K Packer
Otago Southern Region PHO - Brief Intervention Service 
Gore Health Mole Map – MoleMap
Cardiologist – Dr Timothy Fleming


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